Hello world!

Weary traveller of the Internet, you have arrived at a safe place. This is GitHub site of MattMS!

This gives an overview of my projects on GitHub, including this site.

If you are curious about other aspects of myself, you may prefer to read my about page.

Command-line tools


Chuck me is the tool that no web professional should be without.

Some people may have thought that it could be the single greatest tool that all humankind has ever known.


Deg is a Node.js app for converting between decimal degrees and degrees-minutes-seconds.


Jader is a basic web server that serves compiled Jade templates with support for CoffeeScript and Stylus.


Shelp is a Node.js app for printing examples of Linux commands.


Discover how I bend various pieces of software to my will.


I'm not a big fan of the command line, but Fish shell is the nicest I've used so far.

My Fish configuration is pretty basic, which I'll credit to Fish being great to begin with.


I like a simple OS, and Lubuntu is currently what I have settled on.

My Lubuntu configuration mostly just contains keyboard shortcuts that I settled on over time. I also reformatted a few of the comments to make it easier to read.


Vim is the last editor I switched to and never looked back.

My Vim configuration contains a bunch of shortcuts and extensions I like to use.

Example code

I have created repositories for common bits of code I have needed at various times.


About me

My about page aims to be my replacement to the standard resume.


My CSS repo contains the CSS used to style each of my sites.


My thoughts contains various topics of interest that I am trying to resolve. Consider it as my alternative to a blog.