Hello world!

Weary traveller of the Internet, you have arrived at a safe place.

Here you may casually browse a select few of my projects from GitHub, including this site.

If you are curious about other aspects of myself, you may prefer my about page.

Command-line tools

These are mostly Node.js apps that I have created for my own needs. Maybe you have similar needs?

Chuck me

Chuck me is the tool that no professional should be without.

Some people may have thought that it could be the single greatest tool that humankind has ever known.


Deg does conversions between decimal degrees and degrees-minutes-seconds. You can even use it online.


Jader is a basic web server that serves compiled Jade templates that may include CoffeeScript, Markdown, and Stylus.


Rediscan came from desire for a quicker way to use Redis SCAN.

It exposes SCAN results via a web page with continuous scrolling.


Shelp gives examples of how to use various Linux commands.


Sometimes I just like doing little experiments.


CoffeeScript/Gulp/Browserify all in one tasty little package. Some have claimed that Gulp many not even be necessary! Maybe CoBro is a better name?

WD42 talk

I have been known to visit a friendly little meetup. One time, I gave a talk.

What's my age again?

Convert your numbers to different bases.

Helps all those awkward chats with people not based in the same world as you.


As I learn new things, I like to keep notes. My thought is that leaving them in a public place will make them easier to find later.

It also lets you know if I know what you think I know.


Things that may be useful when stuffed into other things.


Getting meta (tags) has never been easier!


Heavily inspired by Ramda. Ramped.js is a collection of functions that take a slightly different approach to functional programming.


Be amazed at how I bend various pieces of software to my will!


I use Atom for most of my text editing these days.

My Atom settings are focused on making it behave the same as Vim.


I'm not a big fan of the command line, but Fish shell is the pretty neat.

My Fish settings are pretty basic, which I'll credit to Fish being great to begin with.


I like a simple OS, and Lubuntu definitely qualifies.

My Lubuntu settings mostly just contains alternative keyboard shortcuts. I also reformatted a few of the comments to make it easier to understand the options.


Vim is hard to learn and harder to leave.

My Vim settings contains a bunch of shortcuts and extensions I like to use.


About me

My about page aims to be my replacement to the standard resume.


My CSS repo contains the CSS used to style each of my sites.


My thoughts contains various topics of interest that I am trying to resolve. Consider it as my alternative to a blog.